Our task

Structure of the Graduate Center

The Graduate Center is a central unit of Kiel University. It stands under the joint Administration of the University Board, the faculties, the coordinated doctoral programmes and the doctoral candidates. The Executive Committee is advised by the Advisory Board and has its own office for daily management. The Executive Committee supervises the various activites of the Graduate Center. The Advisory Board supports the work of the Executive Committee through consultations and participates in the development of the framework for doctoral studies at Kiel University. The members of the Advisory Board communicate the wishes and requirements of the various institutions inside the university and inform them about the services of the Graduate Center.

Participation and tasks of the Doctoral Candidates’ Representation

The representation of the doctoral candidates registered with the Graduate Center has a seat on the Executive Committee and on the Advisory Board. One of the four members of the Executive Committee is a doctoral candidate elected by the general assembly of the doctoral candidates, which also elects a deputy. Four members of the Advisory Board are also doctoral candidates, each of which has an elected deputy. On the Executive Committee and the Advisory Board the doctoral candidates present ideas and feedback about the activities of the Graduate Center. They have a vote in all decisions of the two bodies.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want your opinions to be heard. We will pass them on to both committees.