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Apr 22, 2014

On Tuesday, April 8th, we held the fourth annual Plenary Meeting of all Doctoral Candidates in Kiel University. Many of you participated and we therefore had to change rooms, from a classroom to the lecture hall. The high number of participants set a positive sign: you showed that you are concerned about the interests and difficulties surrounding the doctoral candidacy, and that you wish to be actively represented in regards to all university policies.

During the last tenure, we initiated a discussion with the Faculty Conventions regarding whether they would receive their doctoral candidates from their respective faculties in an advisory capacity in the promotion committee; this decision will be made this year. The idea is that, when it comes to changes in the doctoral candidates’ regulations that affect us directly, we may have a voice. One of the main goals of the new representatives is to see this issue come to a conclusion that benefits us. It is very important for all doctoral candidates are consistently involved in all issues that affect them. All doctoral candidates should be included, those candidates who are employed by the University as well as those who finance their doctoral studies in other ways.

Your newly elected doctoral candidates’ representatives for the 2014/15 period will also continue to actively work towards the improvement of the conditions and interrelations for doctoral candidates in Kiel University. We especially want to advance the discussion regarding doctoral candidates’ status. This new tenure, you are represented by: Natalya (Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Joscha (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Justus (Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Tobias (Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Anke (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Lukasz (Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Lucie (Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Manja (Faculty of Arts and Humanities), Márton (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences) und Jaydeep (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences). We want to take this opportunity to thank the 2013/14 Team for their work, engagement and energetic commitment.

Again this year we are planning a summer party together with the Graduate Center. It will take place at the beginning of July – we hope to meet plenty of you there. You will find more information regarding exact day and time here on our homepage.

Do you have questions about your representatives, about our activities, or do you have suggestions for important issues that we should address? Then send us an email! We’re more than happy to help.

Your Doctoral Candidates’ Representatives 2014/15,
Natalya, Joscha, Justus, Tobias, Anke, Lukasz, Lucie, Manja, Márton and Jaydeep